Host Your Endowment With Us!

Instead of creating a new org, recruiting a board, or opening another account, work with AMF to setup your endowment.

Hosted Endowments

As an organization that has gone through the complex process of setting up an endowment that meets Islamic principles, the American Muslim Fund is well-placed to help your organization establish your own.

Whether you are looking for advice or resources along the way, or if you need more specific hands-on support in setting up, hosting, or administering your organization’s endowment, we are available to help.

What To Expect

  • Sign a memorandum of understanding
  • Invest a minimum of $10,000/year to get your endowment started
  • Lean on our investments team and experts to guide you through the process
  • Receive a return on your investment annually
  • Know that you’re setting up your organization for sustainability
  • Low annual administrative fees

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