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$1,000,000 in Grants!


The one donation you’ll ever need to make; your Donor Advised Fund can do the rest!

MAY 2019


Give Generously





We’ll keep this short and sweet. You know what to do. Donate online because you want to strengthen the American Muslim community. Our goal is to raise $150,000 this year and establish a $5,000,000 endowment by the end of 2022. Pitch in to make this a reality. Every donation counts. Please give generously and consider monthly donations.






$1,000,000 Milestone


In two years, AMF has opened 45 Donor Advised Funds and 2 Giving Circles which after Ramadan will have distributed over $1,000,000! You can be part of this collective impact by opening a DAF, starting a Giving Circle, or simply donating to sustain this work!



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Founded in 2016, the American Muslim Fund (AMF) is a grassroots, national community foundation in the United States focused on creating Donor Advised Funds, Giving Circles, distributing grants, and building endowments for the Muslim community.



Leading sacred, sustainable & strategic Muslim philanthropy for today & future generations. 


 American Muslim Fund cultivates a thriving philanthropic ecosystem to advance charitable causes by evolving donor giving and diversifying funding pathways for community organizations.

American Muslim Fund is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, IRS Tax ID # 81-2936073.


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