As a community foundation, the American Muslim Fund will be seeking applications from nonprofit organizations doing work in partnership with the Muslim community. The funding cycle will be announced in 2018. Join our email newsletter for the latest information and learn when to submit your organizations letter of inquiry for our first ever open grant call.

Strategic Initiatives

The needs of the Muslim community, now and looking into the future were assessed when coming up with these strategic initiatives. We landed on 7 broad categories so that any organization servicing the Muslim community would feel compelled to apply for funding. Our Board of Directors have the fiduciary responsibility to select awardees.

50 Mosques

Mosques are the cornerstones of our community, and it is important to ensure they are actively engaging their youth, providing spiritual and communal connections for families, as well as providing women equal access to leadership, space, and resources. The American Muslim Fund intends to eventually support one mosque in each state.

Children of Abraham

We are all daughters and sons of Adam and Eve. Our lives are connected to the cosmos and through promoting tolerance and understanding, we can move our communities forward. Interfaith and Intra-faith dialogue and collaboration will help break down barriers of resistance and help subdue generational tones of racism.

Civic Eloquence

Community organizing and grassroots movements help mobilize people for the better. To make a difference, we need to increase our engagement in politics, media, and civil rights. If we do not stand up for the minorities whose rights are suppressed, we lose sight of what it means to be American. There are many deficiencies within our social structure, and this fund restores that balance to help bring an end to poverty, homelessness, and inequality. To save a life is to save all of humanity. Basic needs, education, and social services are vital to breaking the cycle of poverty. We must promote our foster care system, and empower the disadvantaged to succeed.

Muslim Artistry

By supporting creativity in all mediums, we can share the beauty of Islamic influence in the arts. There is a rich history of Islamic art and culture, that cultivates beautiful design and techniques for the literary, performance (musical and theatrical), visual, and vocal arts.


The prison industrial complex is a never-ending cycle of misguided rehabilitative services. The US has the highest incarceration rate and over (as at 2011) 9% of the prison population is made up of Muslims.  We support initiatives that provide resources for Muslim sisters and brothers to better understand and practice their faith while they are in prison, and practical support such as food, employment opportunities, or housing post-release in order to reduce the rates of recidivism.

New Muslim

It is often hard to navigate through a religion, learn it, commit to it, and find inner peace. It is hard to find relevant, insightful, and easy to understand information on Islam. We fund projects that are committed to caring for new Muslims, providing them with the resources to maintain their religious identity.

Seek Knowledge

Our tradition teaches us to seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave. We want to empower and enhance educational structures to support their administration, students, and programming. Not only will this apply to schools serving kindergarten through college, it will also support nonprofits that provide continuing education and professional development.