As a community foundation, we provide services to nonprofits, donors, and the community overall.

Services to Donors:

Donor Advised Funds

  • Receive a tax deduction when you open and continually give to your DAF.
  • Send your pledge to charities without any pressure of event-centric giving.
  • Make informed gifts to charities you are interested in after they fill out a gift agreement form.
  • Invest funds (donor preference) to make a larger impact gift years down the line.

Donor Report Card

  • Receive a customized report based on the organizations you support.
  • Look through recommendations for other charities to consider donating to.
  • Track the collective impact you have had.
  • See how charities stack up in their mission delivery and focus, staff size, accountability, and acknowledgment of your funding,

Services to the Community:

  • Present an opportunity through a safe space for making a positive difference.
  • Establish a sense of good-will towards the Muslim community through the philanthropic contributions from AMuslimFund to local charities.
  • Create Donor Giving Circles to impact your community of friends, family, or classmates to distribute your philanthropy collectively.
    • Email to open up a Donor Giving Circle today!

Services to Nonprofit Organizations:

  • Contributions from our Donor Advised Funds.
  • Grant making opportunities to our 7 Strategic Initiatives.
  • Administration and setup of endowments for nonprofit organizations.
  • Invitation to best practice webinars.

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For more information on our programs, please view this presentation.