Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) can be setup by an individual, family, or business to fund any U.S. nonprofit organization, and for an extra fee, international nonprofits.

To learn more about DAFs and community foundations, visit our F.A.Q, page.

Types of DAFs at AMuslimFund:

  • Donor Advised Funds (sadaqa/Zakat)
  • Community Pooled Funds (Donor Giving Circles)
  • Endowment (planned giving)
  • Microphilanthropy (voting campaigns)

To setup a DAF (fill out this questionnaire) you will need a minimum of $2,500. Feel free to ask any questions on our contact form.

DAFs under $20,000 are $125/year. Beyond that, there is a fee of roughly 0.65% per year.

*Depends on the highest value of the DAF before distributions are made.