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Founded in 2016, the American Muslim Fund (AMuslimFund) is the first grassroots, national community foundation in the United States focused on creating Donor Advised Funds, distributing grants, and building endowments for the Muslim community.


Leading sacred, sustainable & strategic Muslim philanthropy for today & future generations.


American Muslim Fund cultivates a thriving philanthropic ecosystem to advance charitable causes by evolving donor giving and diversifying funding pathways for community organizations.

With your support, we plan to raise $5,000,000 to establish an endowment by the end of 2020 which will provide a budget for our operations and also grant money back to the nonprofit community in our strategic funding initiatives.
If you’re interested in creating a donor advised fund (minimum $2,500) or making an offline gift, contact our team at

The Case: 

Building Sustainable Communities

What a time in our history to be alive and witnessing the world around us. Being Muslim in America is beautifully challenging. As a history major, I find value in every moment. The lesson to be learned today is to make the world a better place through action, philanthropy, and compassion.

On one end of the spectrum you have opportunity and the American Dream. The majority of people are welcoming, wonderful, courageous, courteous people. Countering that optimism is the stark reality many of us deal within our hearts; the sad truth of despair coupled with hope and fear. Oddly enough, that’s also possibly how many American’s feel about Islam. What if we all just talked and got to know one another over some apple pie? The very essence of community foundations was to create safe spaces for making a positive difference. We want to harness that in every gift we make back to the community.

Each of us can help share the humanity of Islam through philanthropy, Muslim or not. By collectively putting our charitable dollars in a community foundation, our voice for unity and inclusion can have a larger impact. Envision your local food bank, homeless shelter, soup kitchen, or favorite charity receiving a gift from the ‘American Muslim Fund’. The good-will gesture, clearly defined with a firm-just-unapologetic letter of love rooted in faith will help combat misunderstanding and illuminate the generosity of Muslims and allies in America all that much more.

Having worked in nonprofit fundraising for the last decade, I have seen this as an opportunity for sustainability, to make sure our voice as a community and the nonprofits that we care about, are here for generations to come.

Everyone can contribute to AMuslimFund. Before this campaign started; 20% of our donors were not Muslim. That is solidarity! How awesome is that?!

What if you could contribute all of your philanthropy through one organization to distribute it out? The American Muslim Fund is an ideal solution.

We will take care of the administrative aspect of assuring your donation goes to the places you intend, but allow you to have the flexibility and serenity of establishing your own Donor Advised Fund. If you already have a family foundation or have looked into one in the past, AMuslimFund is an ideal solution.

Every year, Americans donate billions of dollars:

AMuslimFund creates a sustainable way for nonprofits to receive this funding within the American Muslim community. In 2015, Foundations gave $58.46 billion dollars. Over 80% of giving is via the generosity of individuals (bequests are when individuals pass away, and most foundations are family oriented).

AMuslimFund can help you build relationships with key donors to make them committed to your cause and help you with Planned Giving and Estate gifts.

More Information

Presentation  (find out the reason why AMuslimFund is needed and our strategic funding initiatives)

Donor Inquiry Form (if you’re interested in starting a Donor Advised Fund with us)

National Advisory Council (if you want to serve and spread the word)